Shunsuke Konno

IREP Co., Ltd.

President and CEO

Shunsuke Konno is the President and CEO of IREP, the Japanese leading digital marketing agency, a position he has held since 2009. He leads IREP Group’s nearly 800 employees and 9 subsidiaries including 4 overseas bases.
Shunsuke joined IREP in 2003. Under his leadership, IREP has experienced growth as the top agency in SEM (Search Engine Marketing) in Japan. He endeavors to strengthen and expand the internet advertisement market, giving it a profitable and transparent value for clients. In addition to his IREP commitments, he serves as Director, Executive Vice President, D.A. Consortium Holdings, and is on the boards of directors of several associations and companies. He writes books and lectures on topics ranging from market insight to the future of business.