Takayuki Kiyota

Momoyama Shoji

Representative Director

Representative Director of Momoyama Shoji. Born in Adachi ward, Tokyo, in 1980. Momoyama Shoji, also known as “Sex and the City, Male Edition,” has collected love woes from more than 1,000 women all over Japan, and they shared the love stories via various media including magazines and internet radio. As a rule, the members of Momoyama Shoji are prohibited from engaging in romantic relationship with consulters. Kiyota has the utmost respect for Chizuko Ueno, a Japanese sociologist and Japan’s “best-known feminist,” and believes that 99% of all love woes are caused by men’s problems. Major works are as follows: Nigundanshi-ga Koibana Hajimemashita (Hara Shobo), serialization in Phychiatric Mental Health Nursing (Igaku-Shoin Ltd.), Nikkei Woman Online, and messy.