Makoto Aou

ExaIntelligence Inc/Pasona Tech,Inc

Director COO/Vice President

After graduation from university as a system engineer to the IT industry. For the next 2003 years, Pasona Tech,Inc. MVP receiving a prize consecutive as Chuubu District person in charge for three years. In 2009, I bring up 300 IT talented people in an in-company venture system in Gifu in setup, four years. For 2,014 years, it is taken up his/her new post by company crowdsourcing service Job-Hub charge officer. I suggest “a new way of working” for the woman of the child care generation and a local student. In addition, I carry out proof business as Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, industrial talented person policy business of Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications and a person in charge of the local wound straight business. In June, 2016, I take office as woman the youngest director. I wear two pairs of straw sandals as director COO of the up-and-coming AI venture exa- intelligence at the same time, and even own practices a new way of working. it is mother of one child.