Kohei Nitta


Founder and CEO

After graduating from Waseda University, Kohei Nitta entered Nippon Broad Casting Systems which is the largest radio stations network and events company in Japan. He started his career in the event department and was deeply involved in organizing many large concerts and then he learned The basic knowledge of entertainment business. In Osaka, he dealt with Nation brand clients in Osaka, Kyoto and Kyushu. On this assignment then he met “Kyushu style” direct marketing and was deeply impressed with its potential 12 years ago. His contribution were many times awarded on the trade magazine. Then he moved to a newly established Fuji Media Holdings Group’s advertising company for promoting all kinds of media such as TV, Newspaper, Radio,OOH,WEB. In 2012.8.1 he establish WEB direct marketing company main focus on agriculture, food and healthcare, KOQONTOZAI. He is providing his direct marketing business from system design to product planning,creative, media, CRM, and effects measurement.