Hiroaki Yokota

CMSite Inc.

account manager

While working at a human resource company, I paid careful attention in approaching the top management, not stopping at just proposing recruitment policies, but also provided solutions for critical issues faced by companies. In 2010, I joined CMSite Inc. CMSite Inc. is a company with experience and knowledge in the production and distribution of more than 14,000 animation commercials for 2,000 companies. I am the leader for sales, and I am single-handedly in charge of agents and clients in western Japan. Not satisfied with this, I am now expanding CMSite’s sales region to cover the Kanto area. With the ultimate mission of “solving the client’s problem,” I do not stop at just distributing CMSite’s own media, but also looks at user creativity using videos and improvements to the CRM field. I work from various angles to solve problems, including building partnerships and alliances with external enterprises, and actual execution.