Hifumi Ogawa


President & CEO

Hifumi founded and runs of the predecessor of the 2004 ETVOS “acne-labo (Akunerabo)”. And founded the ETVOS Co., Ltd. in 2007. For the first time started selling “Mineral Foundation” of domestic in Japan. High-quality raw materials, attention to the freshness of the product, in order to propose a joy to keep the make-up of fun and healthy skin to all the women, carried out by the Company consistently to manufacture from research and development. “Biteki”, best Cosmetics Grand Prize or “@Cosme” second place win in the creamy emulsion fandation sector in All About, also posted a large number in such women’s magazines. Nationwide Loft and PLAZA in addition to the EC, also expand the sales in the Cosme Kitchen, etc., in April 2016, open retail stores is to Matsuzakaya Nagoya store.